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Hi! My name is Tippy. I am also called "Tipster", "Tip-eee-ster", and "The Mutly". I was adopted from the Butler County Humane Society when I was about a year old. The lady that dropped me off told the Society that I was a stray found in the woods and that my name is Tip. Seems odd that she knew my name, huh?

Anyway, I have such a bubbly personality that the staff let me stay up front in the office with them. They all loved me.

Well, that was back in January, 1990. My new Mommy and Daddy-to-be had just lost their lifetime friend, Chips, to old age right before New Years Day. They called the Humane Society looking for puppy. Now it also so happens that I had
been at the shelter awhile. It was said too that I was not so hot around small children. Someone in the front office said I was "not adoptable", not real sure what that meant... Anyway, the lady in the office told my Mom-to-be about this
older dog who is "not adoptable". That was it. Mom and Dad-to-be came in right then and there and did not even look at the others! Good thing, too, since the office lady said I was getting a kennel cough and I would soon have to be... well, you know!

The shelter said that I am a Sheltie mix (not too sure about that one!). Mom and Dad never figured that out, but no matter!

So, home I went. I had just barely walked in the door when Mom and Dad gave me a B-A-T-H. Yuck!!! Anyway, I had a grand old time bouncing all around the house. Mom and Dad had another dog, Kukui, and a bunch of cats! Guess I would
have to put up with my brothers and sisters!

Now, Mom and Dad were stumpted. The shelter said that I "bite". Now, I am a real loving dog and really friendly and kind. I only snap when someone tries to rub my belly. Mommy and Daddy said that they think I was mistreated at some
time. They are probably right. That was too many years ago to remember now that I live with such great folks!

Well, I am about twelve years old now having a great time. Kukui passed on a few years back at the age if seventeen, so now I am top dog.

My favorite thing is BONIES... love all bonies (that's dog biscuits for the uninformed). If Mom and Dad are talking I love to stand there and bark and bark. If they get aggrevated enough that they can't talk over the barking I may get lucky and get a bonie. Dad says that mom is a succor. Means more bonies for me. Dad doesn't know it but he is a succor too! I bark at him to take me bye-bye (you know... out in the yard). When we come in I get a reward"... you guessed it... a BONIE!!!

I also have this love-hate relationship with my brother Doogan. He ignores me and that drives me C-R-A-Z-Y. He also waits and attacks my tail when I go down the cellar steps at night. And once we get to the celler, Doogan steals my
sleeping blanket. Boy, what I don't have to put up with!!

Besides having my bed stolen, what else I don't like are thunder storms. I can't hear the thunder like I used too so it is better now. But, boy, during a storm I get so scared that I tremble and shake all over. I go right to Mommy and Daddy and sit as close as I can to them. Mommy tells me not to worry that the bad old thunder cannot get me.

Sure do hope she is right! One night I was out going bye-bye with Mommy when the thunder started. I got so scared that I ran under a bush. Mom thought I had run away and was lost. She and Daddywalked all over in the pouring rain calling
me. It was a dark and wet night so they could'nt see too well. They sure were soaked! I was too scared to answer. Luckily, they found my hiding spot and we all went inside to dry off and all was well.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention something else I love (besides bonies and biting Daddy's feet). I LOVE to go for ride-lys (translation "car rides"). I am getting a bit hard of hearing now but when Mom asks "Do you want to go for
ride-ly?" my ears stand stright up and I run for the car door. It is soooo cool!! Sometimes Mom and Dad take me along on short errands just because I love to go along!

Well, thanks for reading my story. Don't forget to check out my brothers' and sisters' stories too. Hope you have a good day and hope you get lots of bonies and ride-lys!

Love, Tip

P.S. See the pic below. That's me getting the dreaded hair cut. But I sure am happy and bouncy with my "new do" when Daddy is done cutting.


Tippy's Hair Cut

Here I am trying to bite Daddy's hand when he gives me a hair cut!

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Note from Tippy's mom and dad - sadly Tipster passed away in July, 2000 after a corageous battle with heart failure. Tip was about 13 years old. Tippy is well loved and sorely missed!



Here is a special poem, that is shared with you in memory of Tipster:

A Dog's Plea

Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I might lick your hand between blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail
when the sound of your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

Please take me inside when it is cold and wet, for I am a domesticated animal, no longer accustomed to bitter elements. I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

And, my friend, when I am very old and I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having any fun.

Please see to it that my life is taken gently. I shall leave this earth knowing with the last breath I draw that my fate was always safest in your hands.

-A Dog's Friend in Kansas City, MO


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