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Hoagie the Horrible

Hi! I am Hoagie, also known as "Hoagie the Horrible" or "Hoags". I am older than dirt and meaner than a mizer! My
favorite thing to do is to get in trouble!

Like my younger brother Groucho, I was not adopted by Mommy and Daddy. Oh no, I adopted them. I wandered in one day about night fall. It was so long ago than no one can remember exactly when. I was wearing a dumb little pink collar so Mom and Dad thought it would not be too hard to find my owner. Not!!

Dad and I are great friends. I play footsies with him and sit on his lap. Mom thinks I don't like her very much. I bite her when she pets me. That's how I got the name Hoagie the Horrible". By the way, I was NOT (repeat NOT) named after a sandwich. That would be an insult. Nooo, I was named Hoagie for H.G. ("House Guest"). Only thing is, I stayed!

I take great pride in getting into trouble. I jump up on the kitchen counter and steal food... sometimes right under Mom's nose. They have to keep bread in the microwave oven so I can't get it. I love it when someone "forgets" and leaves a loaf out. Then I jump up, grab it, drag it to the floor, and rip open the plastic bag. Sometimes, if I am really lucky, I can rip into a loaf of bread when it comes in from the super market before someone has a chance to put it away. They get busy with the meat and frozen food, and wham!!! I get a loaf of bread!!!

The other night I knocked a whole casserole dish off the oven onto the floor. My brothers and sisters paid me to do this service for them. Quite a coup!

I also get up on the counter when Mom is cooking. If lucky, I can make off with a whole pork chop. I wait till Mom has her hands in the sink or into the food so she can't push me off so easy. Although, sometimes I get caught and have to do jail time. If I "bug" Mom enough when she is cooking, Dad puts me in a kennel crate for awhile. Bummer!

Oh yes, I also like to get in trouble at bed time. When Mommy is calling us guys to go to the cellar at bedtime, I
jump onto the kitchen counter, then way up high to the space above the cabinets. I may be old, but I sure can still jump. Mom can't reach me so sometimes I get to stay upstairs all night. Ha! Great times!

Well, I will keep ya posted on my newest exploits. Drop me a line if you think of new ways for me to get into trouble!

Jaws and Claws, Hoags


Caught in the Act!

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Don't I look so sweet and innocent?



Hoagie   1984 - 2003

We lost Hoagie on October, 2003 to old age, cancer, and kidney failure.  She was almost 20 years old and had a good, long life.  She is sorely missed!! She was a healthy and active kitty almost till the end.  She got sick in July,  In spite of treatments and trips to specialist hospitals she declined steadily.  She was a braver fighter though, who never gave up!  She is now happy and whole and waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank's for visiting and reading my story! Please be sure to visit my brothers and sisters, too!