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Gabe's Big Day

Checking out the interesting
smells by the lake!

Why did that snake run away?
I just wanted to be friends!



Hal-loooooo Arrr-roooo to you! Here's the story of my newest big adventure!

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!! Did I have some big day! First, my Mommy and Daddy decided to take a vacation day on July 3, 2001 (the day before that big firecracker day)! Daddy said it was better to avoid lots of people being out! So, we all went for a ride in Daddy's big ol' blue Suburban that they call the "Beast". They said something about going to this place called a "state park" whatever that is...

Anyway, I love riding in the "Beast" cuz I get to ride up front right between Mommy and Daddy. I can look out the window and see everything. The day started pretty good with
lots to see. Then... trouble started. The "Beast" stopped going. Daddy said something about a tear in a hose, no antifreeze, and a call to something called "Triple A". Well, Mommy and Daddy were bummed out, but I did not see such a big problem! Silly hoomins! While we waited, I got to walk along the road (out in the middle of nowhere!) and smell all kinds of Beagle smells. I even laughed at a sign that said "no dog training"... Ha! Who would put up such a dumb sign?? I even got to eat some bonies while we waited, and I had my own water bowl and water bottles! That was a pretty cool wait. Then a big truck came and fixed the "Beast" and we were off again.

We drove around a pretty lake with lots of deer and groundhogs to see, or so Mommy said (I had fallen asleep by then). Daddy picked out this neat spot by the lake to have our picnic. Mommy said it is very picturesque and said she liked to hear the "wind chimes" of all the sailboat riggings docked nearby. Sailboat, Snailboat, who cares?? Well the picnic part is a good part of the day since I have my own bag of dog biscuits. Mommy and Daddy aren't even too stingy with the biscuits when we are "on a picnic"... cool, huh? After getting my bonies, Mommy took me for a walk near the lake.

It was then that I spotted it... or should I say, I smelled it. I found a giant mother lode of (you guessed it!) muck and really neat beagle smelly stuff. So, I did what any self respecting Beagle would do and euphorically rolled around in it. Daddy then yelled at Mommy for "letting me roll in poop". Gee Whizz, I don't see a problem?? Anyway,
Mommy and Daddy cleaned me up but Daddy said I still stink. I thought it was great! These silly hoomins just don't get it, do they??

Well, the day was still young, so we moved on to the next stop... Daddy complained about "my stink" in the Beast... that hurts my feelings!!! Mean old man!!! Anyway, we went to this little Amish town with an old mill and a neat trail along the stream by the mill. I found a new friend! Eureka!! I really tried to make friends with this big 'ol brown snake that I met along the stream. I could not understand why Daddy kept me back. I was all excited and
wagging my tail trying to be friendly like. The big ol' snake wasn't too friendly though... he ignored me and just went off back into the stream. Bummer! So, we walked a little more. I was hoping my new friend, Mr. Snake, would come back so I kept looking for him. Alas, the unfriendly snake was gone. But then I found another new friend. At least I tried to make friends with a pine cone. I sniffed it close up, but it scared me so I jumped back. Then I approached it again one small step at a time to sniff it again. It kept scaring me till Mommy threw it. I think she thought I would chase it, but no way! That thing was just
plain unfriendly.. even more unfriendly than the snake! Guess I will get no new friends today.

I even met some little girls who wanted to pet me. I waited all friendly like wagging my tail, but again Daddy ruined my fun. He told the little girls "I rolled in something". They asked Daddy "What did he roll in?" and Daddy got all tongue tied. Ha, serves him right, doesn't it??

Well, then the ultimate indignity! We went home. Again Daddy kept complaining about the "stink". Soon as we got home, Daddy gave me a bath! How humiliating! I worked so
hard to achieve that neat-o doggy smell, and Daddy ruined everything. Guess Daddy just doesn't understand me!! Must be a communication gap! Oh well...

At least after my big adventurous day and bath, I got to sleep in Daddy's lap. Boy, was I one tired Beagle. What a day! What a day! Daddy, when do we grt to go again?? Huh, Daddy?? Huh??



Daddy says this is what happens when I roll around in "you know what"!

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