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Hi! My name is Doogan. My brother, Gumby, and I were adopted back in 1985 when we were only five weeks old. You see, my human Mommy and Daddy had just lost their beloved kitty Geezer. Just so happens Geezer was also black like me. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy picked ME from the litter of four kittens but someone else had already wanted me. So then, Mom and Dad picked Gumby. We were too young yet to leave our "kitty" mother. We had to wait a couple of weeks before we could go to our new homes with our adopted "humans".

As the story goes, the day that Gumby's new human parents were scheduled to pick him up, they were told that MY new human could not take me. So... Mom and Dad could not decide whether to take Gumby or me so they took us both!!!

I love to play. I have a little high-bounce ball that I bring to Mommy and Daddy. I love for them throw it against a wall so I can jump high and catch it. I also think it is heavenly when Mom and Dad throw the ball down the cellar stairs so that I can go flying after it. I follow Mommy around everywhere and even come when called. I know that is embarassing since it is not "normal" cat behavior.

I also do this thing called the flop. When it is bed time, I start to walk towards the cellar (which is where we sleep). I wait to get half way there, then I flop down on the floor. I go all limp so that mommy has to carry me the rest of the way. This is a great trick to postpone bed time. I also like to pounce on my brothers and sisters at bed time. This way, they don't like to go downstairs and this also postpones bed time.

I love to roll around and have my belly scratched. Daddy does a good job with this. I used to be scared of Daddy. He loved to whisper "boo" to me and I would use my 4-paw drive and run away like crazy. However, now that I know what great belly rubs I can get, I am not so scared of Daddy and his "boos" don't phase me. Guess I am getting brave!

More Doogan Stories

I forgot to tell you the story about the time Mommy got her hair cut and curled... Well, I love Mommy the best and I am not too keen on strangers. If someone I don't know too well comes to the house, I like to run and hide (even Grandma and Grandpa). If Mom tries to hold me to "say hello", I put it into 4-paw drive and take off.

Well, about five years ago Mommy broke her elbow. She had lots of trouble with the cast. She said she could not even brush her teeth with her long hair falling into her face. So... Mommy had her hair cut really short and got this thing called "a perm". Sure looked and smelled odd! This stranger seemed really, really odd so I would not let her come near me. I took off and would only peer at her from around the corner from a distance. where did my Mommy go?? Oh no!

Well, this stranger kepr saying "It's OK, Doogs, It's me, Mommy!". I was not so sure! Well, several days later I finally let her get close and pick me up. Guess what? Viola!! It really is Mommy! Now, if we could just do something about the cast. But that is another story for another day!

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doog and gum


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Note from Doogan's mom and dad - sadly, Doogs passed away in
late August, 2002 after a heroic battle against kidney failure. We lost Doogs two years after diagnosis, and during that time he was happy and healthy until his last few days thanks to a great vet and weekly fluid treatments. Doogs was almost 18 years old and he is very much loved and missed!


Doogan 1985-2002


My name is Doogan! My brother Gumby and I were adopted in 1985 when we were just little kittens. Read my story and visit my brother's page, too!

I have lots of nick names. Mommy and Daddy also call me "Doogs", "Doogster", "Dooga-Meister", "Bumble", and sometimes "Dooganan-skya", "Moose Mouse", or "Mr Mouse". Sometimes they call me "Moo-mey" or "Mr. Big Green Eyes".


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Thanks for visiting my site. Have a great day and come back soon.

Purrs, Doogs

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