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Gabe's Gotcha Day

Gabe here! Since I was adopted from a shelter, Mommy and Daddy don't know my real age or birf-day. So instead, we celebrate "Gotcha Day"... You know... the day Mommy and Daddy got me ("gotcha") from the shelter.

September 9, 2001

Arrroooo Yahoooo, am I pooped! I am sooo sleepy but I just don't want to close my eyes. If I close my eyes, I will sleep so long that my "Gotcha Day" will be over! Oh, what a day! I started the day out doing what I like best… sleeping in late with Mommy.

Then, when we got up, Mommy made me a batch of "Frosty Paws" dog treats. I knew they were for me, so I watched Mommy really close while she was making them. I even did my Beagle dance around the kitchen and tried to jump on the counter when Mommy wasn't looking! I even got to lick out the bowl (Daddy usually gets to do that). Is this "Gotcha Day" some'tn else, or what?

After I got to lick out the frosty paw batter, Mommy said I had to wait till they "freeze". I don't understand that, but that's OK cuz Mommy gave me a biscuit (or two) instead and I didn't even have to ask! Wow!

Well, if that wasn't enough… while we were waiting for the silly "freezer", Mommy and Daddy took me to PetsMart. I walked all around and visited with the kitties and all the children there. I got to visit with my favorite friend, the $450 conure bird. (Still don't know why Daddy won't buy him for me!!). I also made new friends with a $99 horned toad! (Daddy didn't buy him, either! Bummer!) But, Mommy bought some Beggin Strips. Yummy Yummy! She keeps those in a jar and I get one at bed time! Not a good thing to run out!

After a brisk trot through PetsMart, off we went to our pik-nik. Mommy and Daddy took me to a park I had never been to before. There is a neat-o pond, and trees, and woods, and trash cans. Arrroooooo was I so happy, I smelled around everywhere. I do mean everywhere. My nose was in overdrive! When we ate our pik-nik, I got plenty of Doggy treats! Mommy takes then along in a baggie (Hey, is that a "Doggie Bag"?)

Well, after we walked and ate and walked some more… then it was time to go home and get the "Frosty Paws". Mommy gave me two! Ooooohhhhh soooooo yummy! Mommy even got Daddy to sing "Happy Gotcha Day" to me! I wanted to hear it again, but Daddy said he would only sing once!

So, here I am... pooped as can be. But today was such fun, I don't want it to end!

beagle gabe

gabe Beagle

Gabe beagle

gabe beagle

Frosty Paws Recipe

32 oz. Vanilla or plain yogurt(Mommy used low fat Vanilla)
1 mashed bananna or 1 large jar fruit or fruit mix babyfood
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons peanut butter

Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly. Spoon into ice cube trays & put into the freezer. Let your beagle lick out the bowl!

After they're frozen, give them all to your beagle (no, Mommy says that's wrong, you are sposed to put them in a ziplock bag & keep them in the freezer).

Mommy says this makes 2 to 3 ice cube trays full.

Mommy also says to tell you that she used bananna-tapioca babyfood but you could also try vegetable or meat babyfood or any fruit mix.


P.S. Don't let Daddy get any! Beagles only!


Thanks for visiting with me! Tail wags and Beagle Kisseys, Gabe



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