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Gabe's Doggie Diary

Gabe here! I decided it time to start a doggie diary to make some notes of my adventures! I love to share with all you silly hoomins and a few good doggies, too! So, Arrr-ooooo, come on in and share my seceret diary!

July 14, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Mommy says that Beagles never cease to surprise! Must be because of my latest adventure! Well, now Mom says I am usually very sedentary. I think that means that I like to snooze a lot (sure do snooze! Oh yeah!!!) I do love to sleep, then eat, then sleep some more... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Doesn't every dog?? A few walks in the yard or up the road and I'm cool! An adventure like a trip to PetsMart totally exhausts me after the fun is over! Mom keeps buying me more toys, but I don't plays much with them, if at all.

Well, yesterday, I was out in the yard with Mommy on my leash... the kind that gets really long when I unwind it. After I took care of the outside "business", Mommy decided to move a wind chime from one tree to another. As she walked along carrying the chimes, I lagged behind a bit to sniff things out. Then all of a sudden I went flying by Mommy like the devil bit me in the tail! I raced way ahead of Mommy, then frantically ran in circles, flung myself to the ground and rolled around joyfully. What fun!! Mommy was laughing!!

Well, about the time I stopped rolling, my Daddy came out of the garage to see what was going on. Mommy unhooked my leash, so I bounded across the yard like a puppy and joyously rolled in the grass over by Daddy. Mommy and
Daddy took turns calling me, so I ran like crazy between them, running and playing like I never did before. Then as quick as my burst of energy started, I was tired, so I went inside and curled up for a long summer's snooze.

Mom says she doesn't know want got into me. She thinks maybe it was the wind chimes. So silly, huh? I won't tell her that it was all the good doggy smells in tha yard... soooooo good!! And some old fashioned Beagle joy, of course!! I had an absolute blast!!


P.S. Some of Mommy's Beagle Buddy friends told her this is the "Beagle Crazies". What do these hoomins know?? Hah!

July 22, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Gabriel, here! My mommy brought home a small loaf of bread from Amish Country in a doggie bag last weekend. I could not understand why she did not give it to me since it said "doggie" on the bag... silly hoomins! Anyway, Mommy put the bag in the microwave oven so I could not even smell it or see it. Bummer, huh?

Well, here's the deal. When Mommy used the oven one night, the bread bag came out. Sometimes she forgets to put the bread back in later... but drats, tonight she remembered.. but left the door open a wee tad.

Well, I had to bribe sister kitty Hoagie with a bite, so I got Hoags to jump on the counter, steal the bread bag from the M-Wave then drop it to the floor. Hoags thought she would have it once it hit the floor. That's where my beagle-y skills came in! I grabbed the bread and ate it
all up!

Phew... what a beagle needs to go thru to get a dog-gone doggy bag!!!


P.S. I emailed my big bread adventure story to my two Aunts (Smokey and Bear) and I thought I would share their reply:

Smokey and Bear here! Well, Gabe, you worked your points very well in order to get that bread. I guess Hoagie was bummed out, huh? I guess you know we both love our mom and dad here. They most of the times give us a little piece of their breakfast, lunch and dinner. At least mom does. But we are fed pretty good on the whole. Sometimes we get upset when they go away and leave us on our own, but that Kathy sure treats us swell! She gives us nice long walks and she is much more generous with our biscuits. We heard mom say
to dad that the bikkies really go down when Kathy comes every day. She is calling me, Smokey, the cookie monster cause I love those biscuits. She calls them cookies! Any way, its not so bad having mom and day go off once inawhile long as we get to be with Kathy. And, do you know what? She turns the radio on for us every day - makes us feel not so lonely! But we are happy now that the folks are home cause we haven't been in either bedroom at all while they were away and now we fight over the bed in mom's room - the loser sleeps in the hall. Gosh, we don't get to roll in "you know what". They all keep a tight rein on us. But then, we don't stink either!!!! Bye, now!

July 28, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Quiet day on the home front!! Trying to talk Daddy into taking me for an outing. We need to go to PetsMart to get more beggin strips. My jar is amlost empty!! mommy says there are only two left - heavens!

I also want to go for another boat ride, or maybe back to the park?? Daddy says it's gonna rain tomorrow. So what... a bit of rain is no big deal?? Hoomins are sooo strange sometimes! Don't you think?

I did get brushed today! Not as good as belly rubs and scritchies, but not bad. Oooooh-Arrr-oooooo that feels sooo good! More, Daddy, More!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Mommy said she was gonna make hot dogs and burgers on the grill tonight. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Arrr-ooooo! I always get a hot dog when Mommy cooks them! Can't wait! I don't even have to steal it or share with Doogan or Hoagie or anyone!! Oh, joyful day!


P.S. Later... Well, I got my hot dog! Yummmmm! I guarded the grill while Mommie was cooking. My job was to make sure that no burglers stole the dogs while they cooked! Well, daddy kept his promise and I got a hot dog, but I had to share it with kitties Groucho and Hoagie. Doogs did not want his piece, so at least I got that bite! Boy, I sure do hate having to share a hot dog with the kitties! Sheeeesh!

July 29, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Well, Daddy said it was too cool and rainy for a boat ride today! Bummer! However, Mommy did suggest a ride to PetsMart to buy more beggin strips. I was all for that and started wagging my tail and getting all excited! When Daddy said "no PetsMart today" I was all sad and laid on the couch with my head in my paws. Mommy told Daddy how sad I was but Daddy said I didn't know what he had said. Wrong!!! Silly hoomins!

Anyway, Mommy suggested we do a few things called "errands" and that I could come along and then we all could go to PetsMart - Yahoooooo! Arrrrooooo! So off we went!

Going to PetsMart was really neat because the kind folks from West Deer Dog Shelter were there (that's where I was adopted from last September). Everyone remembers me and everyone is always sooo happy to see me! I also got to visit with the other dogs looking for a new forever home. They really are anxious for a hoomin of their own to love! Hope they find a family soon!

Well, I'll tell ya! What a day! Mommy bought me two new packs of beggin strips and a new red tennis ball with doggie paw prints on it. Daddy said I would not play with it, but me and Mommy know better! Silly Daddy!! I also got to visit with the kitties, bunnies, and birds at PetsMart. I made a new friend... a small green parrot. He is small and green and tried to peck at my nose through the glass! I asked Daddy to buy the parrot for me for my "gotcha day" present, coming up in September. I really like my new friend! Daddy said that he could not pay $259 for a bird! How silly? I don't see why not??? Who can figure out these hoomins!

Well, after visiting effery-thing and effery-body at PetsMart, we went home and Mommy let me off my leash. Daddy threw my new ball in the yard and I chased it, then I ran around with the Beagle "crazies". What fun! Well, now I am pooped... off to go sleep on the couch! What a big day! Phew!! Time to zonk out and get some Beagle zzzzzzzzz's.


P.S. If that wasn't enough loads of fun, when we came inside, Mommy filled my beggin strip jar and slipped me one! Way to go, Mommy! PetsMart, birdies, beggin strips, tennis ball chase... a snooze on the couch... Life doesn't get much better than this!

August 9, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Well, it is exactly one month away from my "gotcha" day. In one month, I will have been with my new hoomin family for one year!

I spent today planning what I want to do on my "gotcha" day. First, I want a big "gotcha" party where I invite all my friends. Do you think that PetsMart will let the big green Parrot come for my party?? Next, I want Mommy to make home baked dog biscuits! Then, I want a new harness (get rid of this embarrassing pink thing... can you believe Daddy makes me wear a pink harness anyway??). Maybe I can invite the folks from West Deer Dog Shelter? Way cool!

Oh yeah! Plenty of happy doggie dreams today... snoozing and dreaming of "gotcha" day! Only one month away!


August 12, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

It is I, Gabriel! Been a quiet few weeks! It has been hot and humid so I have been staying inside with my hoomins most of the time. They took me out to chase the red tennis ball a few times, but I let Daddy do most of the chasing (Yipee... they have not caught on to that trick yet... they still think I will chase the ball!)

Anyway, Daddy cleaned my eyes this morning. He nailed me while I slept in a bit with Mommy. That was a dirty trick, huh? Then later, Daddy cleaned my ears! Yuck! He wanted to give me a bath but Mommy talked him out of it! Yeah, Horray for Mom! Of course, Mommy turned traitor and told Daddy that I needed my toe nails clipped. Daddy cut me by mistake the last time he tried, so both Mommy and Daddy are scared to do it! Guess that saved me for now! Phew, close one!

Then I really got a bum deal. Daddy went to a car show up the street. He had said yesterday that I could go. Then today, I couldn't go... something about having to ride a bike since there was no parking! Well, boy was I bummed. Daddy even wore his special beagle Tee shirt that we use for walks together, and I did not get to go! Imagine that! Guess I got the last Arrrooo though since it thundered and Daddy came home on his bike soaking wet! Ha! Serves him right!

Well, Mommy made pizza for lunch. I got to lick the plates, but there were scarce leftovers. The only good part is that after lunch, Daddy gave me plenty of belly rubs. Only problem is that I had to share the rubs with by brother Doogan. Daddy says Doogs is my shadow. Whenever I get belly rubbies, doogs comes over and "flops". Ao Daddy rubs Doogs belly with one hand and mine with the other. Then mommy and Daddy even played with Doogs with a shoe lace. I have too much dignity to chase a shoe lace but Doogs seemed to love it. Ktties are silly as hoomins, ya know?

Well maybe soon we will get to do something good! Mom and Dad have been talking about taking me on the boat again, but we have not done it yet! Hoomin excuses!! Now, to make things worse, Mommy is working on her new web site for Flint River dog food and she is sooo busy on the 'puter! Well, I'll keep ya posted... hope I get to go somewhere soon, maybe even the pet store?

Bye for now.. guess I will go snooze on the couch to tide me over till bed time!


September 1, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Yippeee Arrrroooo! I got to go back to PetsMart today. Daddy was busy and he could not go. Mommy was going to go by herself (a quick trip for cat food, so she thought!)... but I knew what she was up to! Soon as Mommy got her car keys I started dancing all around. Mommy just COOODN'T leave me home.

Mommy asked me "How do you know I'm going to PetsMart?" Ha! I'm not going to give away beagle secrets that easy, now am I?

So off we went. Mommy had fun keeping me on the leash and pushing the cart... leash in one hand and cart in the other. But we got the dumb old cat food. Mommy said that I have plenty of bonies. I tried to tell her that a Beagle never has enough bonies, but she just wouldn't listen!

Well, I did get to visit with my pal the conure. He is the little bird that looks like a parrott and costs $450. I want Mommy and Daddy to buy him for me for my "Gotcha Day" or at least invite him to my party! Coming up soon!

Oh yeah, I did have something bad happen today. After all the fun at petsMart, and after eating dinner and just relaxing with Mommy and Daddy in the family room, my brother Doogs came over and pretended to be real friendly like. Then he let me have it with both paws. One paw smacked my neck and the other paw punched me five times in the nose... like boom-boom-boom-boom-boom! Arrroooooooooo-ouch! That wasn't nice! I just can't believe he did that to me! can you believe it?

Later! Beagle Kisseys, Watch-the-nose, Gabe

September 2, 2001


Dear Doggie Diary,

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I just knew we would do something fun today! I knew it when I saw Daddy getting the "Beast" ready. The "Beast" is a big monster with wheels that we use to tow the boat or go on vacation. Arrrrroooooo, we finally are going back to Shenango Lake. I can't wait... just can't wait. I stuck my head out the patio railing watching Daddy get ready. Mommy said I better get careful I don't get "stuck". What's that mean??

Well... off we went. I sat in the "Beast" right up front between Mommy and Daddy. I get to see everything till I get sleepy and take a Beagle nap, that is. Before we went into the boat, we had a picnic. I had lots of bonies. Only could have a little water cuz Mommy and Daddy had to wait for it to thaw out. Silly hoomins! I also sniffed around, and rolled around, and did what beagles do best. I'll just bet that Daddy will want to give me another bath tonight. But it's worth it. Arrroooo!

Well, I met lots of nice people and lots of neat doogies, big and small. Then we went in the boat. I sat up in the bow and let my ears just fly in the wind. Mommy laughed and called my "The Flying Beagle". Didn't they have a TV show about that?? I saw some sea gulls, but not too many ducks and Geese. Mommy said they are all going South.

Well, I curled up in the "Beast" on the way home, Daddy told me I would have more room in the back but I wanted to stay with Mommy and Daddy.. so I napped up front. And do you know what?? Soon as we got home, Daddy gave me another bath! Is that a bummer or what?? I go to all that trouble to find the good rolling spots, and Dad goes and spoils it! Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

I even rolled around on top of a small hill and almost slid right down. Mommy laughed at me... can you believe? Silly, silly hoomins!

Well, I better get going. I am dog tired and need some much needed Beagle naps... You know that us Beags need our naps. Naps are very important to get ready for bed. After all, it's a tough haul to the bedroom then a big leap up onto that bed... Better nap first! Nighty-Night!


P.S. Oh yeah, please see "Gabe's Beagle Boating" page to see more pictures of me on my adventure today.

September 9, 2001


Dear Doggie Diary,

My Gotcha Day 2001

Arrroooo Yahoooo, am I pooped! I am sooo sleepy but I just don't want to close my eyes. If I close my eyes, I will sleep so long that my "Gotcha Day" will be over! Oh, what a day! I started the day out doing what I like best… sleeping in late with Mommy.

Then, when we got up, Mommy made me a batch of "Frosty Paws" dog treats. I knew they were for me, so I watched Mommy really close while she was making them. I even did my Beagle dance around the kitchen and tried to jump on the counter when Mommy wasn't looking! I even got to lick out the bowl (Daddy usually gets to do that). Is this "Gotcha Day" some'tn else, or what?

After I got to lick out the frosty paw batter, Mommy said I had to wait till they "freeze". I don't understand that, but that's OK cuz Mommy gave me a biscuit (or two) instead and I didn't even have to ask! Wow!

Well, if that wasn't enough… while we were waiting for the silly "freezer", Mommy and Daddy took me to PetsMart. I walked all around and visited with the kitties and all the children there. I got to visit with my favorite friend, the $450 conure bird. (Still don't know why Daddy won't buy him for me!!). I also made new friends with a $99 horned toad! (Daddy didn't buy him, either! Bummer!) But, Mommy bought some Beggin Strips. Yummy Yummy! She keeps those in a jar and I get one at bed time! Not a good thing to run out!

After a brisk trot through PetsMart, off we went to our pik-nik. Mommy and Daddy took me to a park I had never been to before. There is a neat-o pond, and trees, and woods, and trash cans. Arrroooooo was I so happy, I smelled around everywhere. I do mean everywhere. My nose was in overdrive! When we ate our pik-nik, I got plenty of Doggy treats! Mommy takes then along in a baggie (Hey, is that a "Doggie Bag"?)

Well, after we walked and ate and walked some more… then it was time to go home and get the "Frosty Paws". Mommy gave me two! Ooooohhhhh soooooo yummy! Mommy even got Daddy to sing "Happy Gotcha Day" to me! I wanted to hear it again, but Daddy said he would only sing once!

So, here I am... pooped as can be. But today was such fun, I don't want it to end!


P.S. Oh yeah, please see "Gabe's Gotcha Day" page to see more pictures of me on my adventure today.

September 11, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Today is a very sad, sad day for all us Beagles (and doggies, kitties, and hoomins too). I was home with the kitties when the bad things started. Mommy had just left for work. I was safe and sound at home... but when Mommy and Daddy came home they told me about all the pupsters and kitties who lost their loved hoomins today. Makes me very sad!

I do not understand why hoomins do such things. If more people behaved like Beagles, maybe things would have been different. I asked Mommy why there are such bad peiple in the world, and she does not know either.

Mommy also told me about all the brave firemen and policemen who are trying to save people and the rescue dogs that are there helping out. I saw the tired rescue dogs on TV. Sure do wish I could help! These brave dogs are my heroes!


P.S. I helped Mommy put this tribute website together. Please visit:

God Bless America

September 15, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Ohhh, bummer! I went to see the vet today. Mommy said I was "due" for my annual you know what (s-h-o-t-s). It really wasn't too bad. I got to see all the other doggies in the waiting room. Of course, all the vet receptionists come over and give me a hug. The (s-h-o-t-s) were over fast, so it made all the extra hugs and kisseys worth it. Dr F says I am healthy. Well, my heart murmer is the same as it was a year ago, whatever that means? Daddy thought I gained too much weight. I was 29 lbs a year ago and 31 lbs now, but Dr F said that I am fine. Phew!


September 26, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Today I got a card in the mail... Yes, a real card addressed to "Gabe". Arrrooooooo, boy was I excited. I got a real thank you card from West Deer Dog Shelter. Mommy and I sent them a contribution for my Gotcha Day. It was sooo nice to get a letter from my friends at West Deer. I had Mommy read it to me three times. My friends at West Deer Dog shelter wrote that they just got in a little female Beagle. Wow! Maybe I can go visit her?


September 30, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy! Mommy and Daddy took me to PetSmart today! My friends from West Deer Dog Shelter were there and I got to meet Lucy. Lucy is a little older female Beagle. Someone bred her over and over till she could not have more puppise, then they dumped her. I am really glad that West Deer Dog Shelter was there to help her!

I tried to talk Mommy and Daddy into taking Lucy home so I could have a girlfriend to play with! Mommy was all set and Daddy was really tempted. Maybe mext time we can convince Daddy? That sure would be nice!

Well, after visiting West Deer and Lucy, I walked all around PetsMart and visited the kitties wiating for adoption. I got to see the fish and hamsters. My best buddy, the conure parrot was out of his cage and on someone's shoulder. I sure hope that he is still there when I visit again! If my buddy bird went to a new home, I sure would miss him!

Well, that's it for now. Gotta go get a biscuit!


October 4, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

Today is Daddy's birfday! I wrote him a card all by myself and wrapped up a prezent. I gave Daddy a picture of me at the computer working on my web pages! Daddy liked it so much that he took it with him to work!

Mommy gave Daddy a goodie bag and two boxs of Krispy Kreme donuts! Daddy really loves those! Too bad I did not get to taste any! Oh well!


P.S. Here is the photo I gave Daddy for his birfday! Mommy took this as I was working on the 'puter working on my web pages!


October 28, 2001

Dear Doggie Diary,

I had lots of Beagle fun today! Mommy took me to PetsMart for a Halloween costume parade. I went as a bunny wabbit and got to walk all around PetsMart in my bunny ears. There was another doggie there dressed up as the Jolly Green Giant and two little doggies dressed as babies in a baby buggy no less. Cheesh, don't they have any shame??
Anyway, I did not win a ribbon but I won a package of biscuits, bones and food. That sure beats a ribbon, doesn't it? The ribbons are not too tasty. I also won a neat-o Tee shirt for my Daddy.

In addition to the cool pet costume parade, I got to see my buddies from West Deer Dog shelter. I always love to go visit with them when they are at PetsMart.

Oh, guess what??? My buddy, the conure bird is gone. Someone musta bought him and taken him to his new forever home. Bummer! The good news is that there are more birds there so I can make a new friend. More on that for my next visit!

Well, I gotta go now. Time to go home and eat some of those biscuits I won! See ya Later, Gabe

November 24, 2001 - Saturday After Thanksgiving

Dear Doggie Diary,

Well guys, today I went to PetsMart for my photo with Santa.  The good folks at west Deer Dog Shelter do this every year to help earn money for the pupsters.  Mommy says it is a win-win... whatever that means.  I got to gave lots of treats and see my buddies.  I also got a Christmas ornament with my picture in it.  Mommy and Daddy hang it on the tree every year?  Ain't that great??
I also got to visit with my bird friend, the conure.  His cage had a big "SOLD" sign on it so Mommy told me he was going to his new forever home.  I am sad because I will not see the conure again, but I am happy he is going home!

AArrrroooooo! Later, Gabe

December 23, 2001

Today we all went Christmas shopping at PetsMart. Mommy and Daddy bought treats to fill my stocking. We also bought goodies for my cousins Bear and Smokey who live in Virginia with Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy is going to visit them soon so she will deliver the Christmas goodies. That's good because when Mommy comes back, she will have treats for me too from Grandma and Grandpa! Whooopeeee! Arrroooo!

December 24, 2001

Tonight is Christmas eve. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! The big day is almost here! Mommy and Daddy gave me a new
basket for Christmas tonight. It is my first basket ever. Mommy tried to tell Daddy that Beagles love baskets but Daddy did not think I would like it. Boy, I showed him. I went right in my basket!! Of course the kitties like the basket too so I have to try to keep them out. I figure if I stay in the basket then the kitties can't get in. Right?

We had lots of goodies tonight. Brother Joe got a dart board for Christmas so Mommy and Daddy and hoomin brother Joe played these games. I watched. I wanted to play but Mommy said I had to stay back and watch. Bummer! I got to have treats though and I even got to lick out Mommy's egg nog cup! Wow! Good stuff! Mommy told Daddy that after the egg nog cup, I would by flying high to meet the Red Baron like Snoopy. Daddy told Mommy not to let me have much cuz it is no good for pupsters.... bummer! I was really getting into thet Red Baron stuff!

December 25, 2001, Christmas Day

We opened all the goodies and presents today. I got lots of Beagley treats, including a small stocking inside my Christmas stocking with home made biscuits in it, Yummmmy! I watched Mommy and Daddy make stuffing then... the best part... they cooked a big turkey. I guarded the oven so no one could steal the turkey as it cooked!

I even watched my brothers and sisters (you know, the kitties) open their presents and play with kitty catnip. We all had great fun!

Mommy said we all had a nice quiet day together, but I thought it was a wonnerful day! Perfect Beagle day! Now I am in my new basket dreaming of turkey trimmings and dog biscuits! See ya later, Gabe

February 10, 2002

Dear Doggie Diary,

Well the holidays are over and all my favorite ornaments are put away. I gave Daddy lots of beagley ormnaments that look like ME (of course). Mommy helped me write my name GABE on the ormnanents and the year 2001 so that Daddy can put them on the tree every year.

Mommy and Daddy took me along to PetsMart cuz they needed cat food. Imagine that? Cat Food? Yikes! Anyway, things haven't been the same at PetsMart since my buddy the conure bird was sold and went to his new forever home. But today... bam... love at first sight. I have a new buddy now! I met Max, a Maximillionionious Parrot (or sometin like that, real dumb long name). Anyway, Max even got to come out of his cage to see me. Arrrroooooo! Boy, was I a happy Beagler!

All kinds of other neat stuff happened today too. I gots lots of treats from a neat lady there. And a cute little girl played with me and squeeked all the squeek toys for me. Boy did I perk up my ears for those!

Mommy and Daddy also rolled me in classes so that I can learn stuff. Mommy says maybe I can be a real therapy dog and visit folks in hospitals. That would be grand, huh? But Daddy says class first! That's cool!

Well, I gotta go now. Time to go home and climb into the 'ol basket. I am one pooped pupster! Phew! See ya Later, Gabe

March 17, 2002

Today was the first real class in the PetsMart dog school that Mommy and Daddy 'rolled me in. I was spozed to start a few weeks ago but the nice teacher, Ed, said there were not enough dogs. So... two weeks ago I got a private lesson. That was really good as Ed taught Daddy and me to do this thing called "loose leash walking". Daddy walked me up and down the isle and kept changin direction. Daddy sure behaved kinda nutty. My job was to walk with him. I didn't mind!

At home, Mommy and Daddy are spozed to be teaching me to "spin" in a circle and to give paw at home. I learn eally, really fast... but Mommy and Daddy have not been doing it every day... so I forget again! I have also been practicing my "loose leash" walk with Daddy. It's kinda fun cuz we get to go on walkies!

Anyway, today was the first real class. I like it loads because I get tons of treats and attention. Mommy and Daddy bought these treats called "training" treats cuz they are small and tasty. Every time I do sometin right in class I get a "GOOD DOG" and a treat. Ohhhh boy! The treats are grand. Oh course, now my tummy is gurgling cuz its full-o-treats! See... I am soooo good that I get loads of treats! Yummy!

There are four dogs in my class... theres this long haired white dog named Petey who yaps all the time.... and a puppy named Cody. Cody is part Sharpei and part short hair, I think. He sure is cute and really active. Then there is a puppy golden retriever. The pups sure are active, and yippie! I am nice and quiet compared to the youngsters!
Today, Mommy and Daddy learned message. Boy oh boy, I like the messages! Cool... belly wubbims and all. Why do they call it "message" anyway? Silly hoomins!

We also learned to "sit". I already know how to do that but the silly hoomins gave me a treat every time I did it... so what the heck? Arrrroooooo, treat time!! Cool! I like these PetsMart classes! Only one thing tho... I dont understand this: I sit before Daddy asks me to and he does not give me the treat. Says I cheated. Geeezzze, I don't
get it. Do they want me to sit ot not? No figure!

I cannot wait to graduate so I can wear the cap and gown and get my picture taken! The teacher even gave Mommy and Daddy these pieces of paper they called "coupons" for more treats! They bought some more for me before going home. Of course, they also bought some C-A-T food for Doogs! But that's OK!

Well next week I will learv to "stay". Sounds kind of boring, huh? I guess I will find out. Hope next weeks class is as funner as today was. Oh yeah, one more thing! I am really tired out now. Guess I will go back to my basket for a few Beagle zzzzzzzzzz's. Bye now, Gabe

April 10, 2002

I think I may have mentioned my fondness for birds... I am particularly fascinated by a Parrot in PetsMart.... NOOOO Mommy did not buy me the Parrot, but the next best thing.

Mommy brought me home what she called a "robot pet" Parrot. Mommy says I am a riot. What does that mean??
The robot Parrott's name is Polly. Polly talks, flaps her wings... is sentitive to touch and voice like a real bird... and Mommy says I go totally nuts over it. Go figure? All I tried to do is bite it, scratch t it, kick it across the rooom, dig at it? That's not nuts, is it? Silly hoomins! I am just playin!

Mommy says she has never seen me so "wound up" ... Daddy held me back from really playing with my new friend. Bummer! I wanted to play more! The silly bird, Polly, squaks at me and I cock my head sideways and my ears go up.

Even when the bird is sitting still in the cage doing nothing, I want to play with it. That is hy I walk over to it and give it "the eye" when I walk by. Can't wait to see how much fun I will have when mommy learns how to program the thing! (Whatever that means??)

Anyway, now I am totally zonked out now. The excitement is too much for one Beagle to stand. Zzzzzzzzzzz's now!


April 25, 2002

What a day last Thursday was! I got to eat Mommy's whole dinner... meatloaf, gravey, noodles, peas. The peas were kinda yucky, but the rest was delicious. I did not even get into trouble for doing it cuz I talked tha cat, Hoagie, into doing the dastardly deed. You see, Mom and Dad had just sit down to eat and watch the news. They use these tipsy tables called TV Trays... well here comes the good part. Mommy was chilly so she got up to go get a sweater and she asked Daddy to "watch the tray". Well before Mommy or Daddy could say "Beagles Rule", kitty Hoagie had her paws on the tray and tipped the whole thing over. Even Mommy's glass of orange juice spilled all over... all over the sofa and floor. Now, Gaberiel to the rescue! I ate up all the food to help Mommy clean up. Wasn't that good of me??? Daddy was so mad that Hoagie went into an old travel crate for awhile, but me? I was scott free since all I did was help clean up! Arrroooooo, pretty smart don't you think?? Boy, that meatloaf sure was good. Do you think I can get some more sometime?


P.S. Even better, Hoagoe didn't even get none! Ha!! Beagles Rule!

April 28, 2002

Well, did I ever get loads of wonnerful emails from by buddies at the BeagleBuddies list! They all wrote to tell me what a hero I am for getting the meat loaf. Cool, huh? I got a really nice email from my new bud named Beagle who wrote how much he admired my exploits, and said his Mommy laughed. (Was that nice? Oh Well)

Thanks Buddies for all the encouragement... the real secret is to get the kitties to do the dirty work. That way you are home free!! Try this technique too with things left up on the counters... just put the cat up to knocking them down or you!

Oh guess what??? There were some thunderstorm and tornado warnings today and Daddy made me miss my PetsMart class because he was scared of the weather... I told him that I wasn't scared... still, we stayed home and had to listen to the dumb ol weather radio! Daddy tried to bribe me with a Pigs ear... The ear was good... but I still wanted to go to class! Bummer! Well there is always next week! Gabe

Gabriel's Graduation May 12, 2002
Gabe the Graduate! Arrrrroooooo!

May 12, 2002

Well today is my special day!  Oh Boy!  I officially graduated from
PetsMart Canine College today!  I got a doggie diploma and got to wear a neat-o graduation cap.  Everyone fussed over me.  I even got a really big biscuit from the checkout counter girl!  Wheeeeeee and Arrroooooo!! I am not a college grad!  The others in my class graduated too.  There
is my pal Cody, a Brittany Spaniel and Sharpei mix who Mommy says is cute (but not cuter than ME).  Then their is Petey, an American Eskimo who barked at me (imagine that!) on most classes!  He graduated too in spite of his barking at me!  Shelby, a Golden Retriever pup, was also in my classes but missed the graduation ceremony.  Bummer!
Mommy says that we need to keep practicing but that I learned a lot.
Cool, huh?  I hope that I keep getting those training treats now that I am officially out of skool!  Those are the best part!
Anyway, now I am all educated and have to make some career choices.  I am thinking that I may just stay here and be bestest resident Beagle! What do you think of that?
Gabriel the Grad

August 17, 2002

Today Doogs and I both got to go to PetsMart to see a photographer lady.  Mommy and Daddy wanted to get a photo of Doogs and I together since we are such good friends!  (Love-Hate actually since Doogs smashes me all the time and makes me Arroooooo!)  Anyway, we got to have out pictures taken!
Gabe & Doogs

beagle.jpg beagle.jpg

August 24, 2002


Mommy and Daddy and I am very, very sad today.  It is with a mournful Arrroooooooo and heavy heart I have to tell ya that my brother Doogs passed on to the Rainbow Bridge tonight.   He had been fighting kidney failure for about two years.  Mommy and Daddy gave him meds and fluids and he was doing really great till just a few days ago.  All of a sudden like, he got real weak and didn't want to eat.  Mommy had him to our vet a couple days ago.  Doogs kidney readings were worse than usual.  On Friday, the vet told Mommy that he would hospitalize Doogs in IV fluids on Monday if he wasn't any better.

On Saturday, Doogs wasn't doin too good.  Mommy and Daddy were trying to get him to take water and baby food with a syringe.  He was really weak.  Well, Saturday night along bout 11pm Mommy and Daddy decided to take Doogs to the 'mergency clinic for IV fluids.  Well, Doogs passed over to the bridge in the car in Mommy's arms on the way to the clinic. 

We are all very sad... Doogs was my best friend and Mommy says that Doogs was her soul mate... very, very sad!




August 25, 2002

Well this really stinks!!  On top of us all being so sad because Doogs passed away last night... today I started with my neck and back problems.  I was real shakey and could hardly walk.  So... Mommy and Daddy took me to the 'mergency clinic.  Mommy and Daddy could'nt believe they were there two days in a row.

We had to wait a real long time.  There were all kinds of dogs sicker then me.  Well, I finally got to see the doc and he took some xrays and gave me some meds.  By the time I got to see the doc, I was already feelin better.  No figure!! 

August 31, 2002

Dad wann't too wild about the idea, but Mommy went to PetsMart (without ME!) and adopted kitten Bumble.  Bumble is all black, like Doogs, and is about three months old.  Mommy was thinking about 'dopting an older black kitty, but he was in  agood foster home and was not there when Mom went in.  There were two little black kittens in the Rainbow Recsue cage.  Bumble (he was called Luigi then) had a little white spot on his neck like Doogs, so Mommy picked him!
PetsMart lady tole Mom that she would have to fill out the papers and wait to be 'proved.  However, when PetsMart lady recognized Mommy as the one with the beagle with the pink harness (that would be ME!), Mom got 'proved right away and she took Bumble home.
Dad said "I want nuttin to do with THAT!" when Bummie jumped out of the travel box.  Bummie started  racing round the house and trying to chew all the cords.  Mom put Bummie right back in the travel box and went right back to PetsMart.  PetsMart lady thought sometin was wrong... but Mommie said "No, I am not bringing him back... we just need to do more shipping".  So... Mommy bought baby Bumble a huge kitty play pen to keep him safe when Mommy and Daddy have to go out.
By the way,  Dad is all huff-n-puff.  Within the hour, he was playin with the Bumble Bee!   

beagle.jpg beagle.jpg

September, 2002

Tough month for Gabriels here.  My back problems were flaring up off and on.  Went to lotsa vets.  That is good for lotsa treats anyway!

Well, Mommy and Daddy took me to this here specialist vet.  He did some tests called mileogram and spinal tap.  Also more xrays.  they found that I have all kinds of bee bees under my skin (Mom and Dad figured out that I musta been a huntin dog long time ago before they 'dopted me).  Anyway, the specialist vat also found three bad spots (discs) on my back.  He said he could not operate cuz he couldn't tell which was THE disc (out of the three) that were causing the problems!

So... now when my back flares up I go on meds.  I am on prednisone for a couple weeks, then they slowly take me off (as prednisone every day is no good for us Beagles!).

Well, at least I didn't have to have surgery... but I did have to have my fur shaved off at my neck and backside!  What a Beagle indignity!

And, boy!  September 9 was my "Gotcha Day".  We were sposed to go on a picnic to celebrate, but since my back was actin up, we couldn't go.  Bummer!  I got some extra treats at home, but wasn't much of a Gotcha Day celebration.  Of course, we did send a card to Barb at West Deer Dog Shelter.  Mom says that she will pay my adoption fee over and over again every year on my Gotcha Day since she is so happy she 'dopted me!


October 26, 2002

Today Bumble and me went to PetsMart for the Halloween costume parade. Mommy and Daddy made me wear a pumpkin suit and Bumble went as Santa Claus. Boy, I can tell you, Bumble and me, we are not happy wearing those dumb old suits. We marched around and did not even win! But we did get our pictures taken. And we did get to see the birds and get some treats, so we had an okay time there! We did see a couple of ponies. The ponies scared us when they whinnied. Strange sounds, huh? Also, a little tiny dog tried to attack me. Imagine that... tiny dog in a bee costume tried to go after me. That's embarrassing for a Beagle!

beagle.jpg beagle.jpg

December 8, 2002

Wow, another Christmas is coming and today I went to PetsMart  for my
photo with Santa.  I saw these really neat stuffed Beagles and I asked
Mommy and Daddy to get one for me.  Actually, I tried to grab one and
run!  Mommy said that maybe Santa Beagle would bring me one... Oh boy!!

Well, I had to wear a silly little Christmas collar again for my photo.
 Worse yet, Mommy bought me one of those collars.  Great!  Now I will
have to wear one at home, too!!  And Mommy and Daddy brought Bumble for
a Santa Photo too.  Now Bumble says that Santa Kitten is coming soon!

Well, I did get to see my buddy the Parrott.  And I checked out all
those great bonies at PetsMart!  Arrrrrroooo!!




December 15, 2002

Mommy and Daddy wanted to go back to PetsMart so Groucho could get a
photo with Santa.  So I lucked out and got another visit.  Yipppeee!!!
After going to PetsMart, we stopped at another pet store too and I got
to see more birds!  All the ladies who work at the pet stores give me
lots of scritchies and attention.  Boy, this is great!
Hoags didn't get to go.  mommy and Daddy tole me that Hoags is kinda old and they didn't want to stress her out.  I don't get that... PetsMart is not stress... it's fun!! 



Christmas, 2002

Santa Beagle came, yes he did!!  Santa Beagle and Kitty Claws were good to my brithers and sisters and me!  Mommy and Daddy were home for Cheistmas and spent the whole day with us!  I got to check out all my stockin's.  I got loads of goodies and toys, including some yummy Dingo Bones!  

It was sad that Doogs was not here, but we did enjoy kitten Bumble Bee's first Christmas.  A good day was had by all! 

beagle.jpg beagle.jpg



March 13, 2003

Boy, today was a fun one!!  Mommy and Daddy came home from work and they had to pick up Dad's truck.  the truk was at the car vet havin sometim done to it.  Anyway, it was ready to come home.  Mommy and Daddy always take me for rides, so off we went in Mommy's car to go get Daddy's truck.  

Well, about a mile from home don't ya know that Mommy's car stops... just like a quick Arrroooo... car just quits.  Right in the road.  Well, Daddy called this place called "Triple A" and said we hads to wait for them to come get us.  I don't want to go there!!  Does not sound good.  Anyway, while we were waiting, a nice police man came along.  He offered to drive Mommy and Me home while Daddy waited for the "Triple A" man.

So, Arrrooooooooo, I got to ride home in a police car.  Only bummer is that the nice police man wouldn't turn on the sirens.  The police man also asked a bunch of silly questions, like was I friendly?  Friendly???  Ole lovable beagle me?  then the police man asked if I was a Beagle?  Imagine that!  Silly hoomins!!

Well, I did like this here ole radio in the police car.  Even though I couldn't hear the sirens, I did hear the radio.  I cocked my head at the noises and looked really cute so that I would get extra treats at home!




April 12, 2003

Dear Doggie Diary,

Wow!  I got to go to PetsMart today for a photo with the Easter Bunny!  Got to see the birds and all the nice people!  Got lotsa treats!!  Best part is getting to smell all those new smells!!  Aaarrroooooooooooo!
Later, Gabe



June 13, 2003

Hi all!! Gabriel here!! I just wanted to tell my fellow Beagle Buds and Honorary Beagle Buds that I gave mommy and daddy a big scare and a big Vet bill!! I have to say I was a bit scared too. On Monday night, the area right under my right eye just puffed right up and boy was I in a bunch of pain. Daddy called the em.... emer-gin-cie vet, yeah that's what he said. The vet said to get an appointment soon, sounds like a toothache. Well, silly vet, I coulda tole him that!!! Duuuuh!!! Silly Hoomins!!

Anyway, by mornin the right side of my face was so swollen up I could hardly see. I was a bit shakey and scared too! Well we went right into the vet that afternoon and the vet said I had somethin called an "ab-cess". Mean old ugly thing. So... I had to have surgery and the vet took out 2 teeth , two mind you!!! I also got tested for my heart murmer and the vet said that my heart looks pretty good! I guess that is a good thing!! The vet said I done good with this stuff called anes... anes-thesia. These silly hoomins, use such silly words!!

Anyway, mommy and daddy came to get me after I woke up and I was feelin pretty chipper. The nice girl at the vet gave me a bonie and I ate it right up. Nice Doctor O said somethin like "only a Beagle would eat a biscuit after tooth surgery". I don't know what that means... but that biscuit tasted mighty good! Yup, mighty good!

Mommy and Daddy says that explains why I had not liked some of my harder bonies lately. They thought I was just getting a bit picky. Well, I tell ya, now BRING ON THE BONIES. To celebrate, mommy gave me a greenie for LARGE dogs... oh boy, a monster greenie!!! Arrrrroooooooooo!!!

I am a lot perkier too now that those bad old teeth are gone. While mom was putting away groceries tonight I jumped up and stole a bag of turkey cold cuts from the counter. Too bad mom took them back before I got to enjoy them. Oh well, I will try again! Yesterday, I knocked over a plate of bonie biscuit and ate a few afore mommy could get them all... so I have had some success! Well, glad that my toothache is gone!! Boy, ain't life grand bein a Beagle! Aroooooos to all my Buds!!

Love, Gabe

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