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I am Groucho. No, I am not grouchy. Everyone asks me that! I was named Grouch after GrouchoMarx. When I was a kitten, Mommy and Daddy thought I had a moustache just like Groucho Marx.

I don't have a fancy adoption story like Doogan, Gumby, or Tippy. You see, Mommy and Daddy didn't adopt me. I adopted them. I was a wee little kitten at the time, maybe only 7 or 8 weeks old. I wandered into their back yard looking for a home. My kitten brothers and sisters and I all went in different directions. Never knew if they were as lucky as I was. Anyway, once I was "found" in the back yard, I went inside and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was so little back then that Mom and Dad have a picture of me looking out the window of a doll house! I can't fit in there now!

I am a long haired cat. Mom thinks I'm a Maine Coon cat. Could be, who knows? She says I am beautiful (hate that, I am handsome maybe but not beautiful!!). I have a sleek, shiney coat and tufts in my ears.

I do have a problem, though. You see, I am completely blind. Mom and Dad do not know how long I have been blind since I act normal and get around really well. No one would ever know. I get around fine unless of course Mom puts a box down in a new location. The Vet checked me out and said something like there are no blood vessels in my eyes. Don't know what that means... just that I can't see. (Dad thinks it is a hoax since I always know when food is around! Ha!)

I have nick names just like my brothers and sisters. I am also called "Grouchisimo", "grouch-isi", and my human brother, Joe, calls me "Groucho-Muchacho".

Besides eating and sleeping in a sunny spot, my favorite thing to do is stealing laundry. I just seem to know when there is laundry to be found and I cart off whatever I can get. Once I pulled a whole bedspread up the cellar stairs (at least I got it half way up). I carry my "prize" all around with me while I M-E-O-W to announce my winnings and good fortune. When I tire of a shirt or whatever it is, I drop the laundry where I am and go get another piece. What great fun! I leave a trail of "unmentionables" all over the house. Christmas time is even better. I cart away all the Santa Claus hats that Mom and Dad put out. Always look forward to Christmas every year!!

Speaking of Christmas, there is nothing better than attacking the ornaments on the Christmas tree!! Mom and Dad try to fool us kitties, but we always get a few ornaments. Mom and Dad use ornaments that do not break but we can still knock them off the tree and then bat them around the floor! Yup, you can't beat Christmas. It is the best kitty holiday of the year (except maybe Thanksgiving when we all get turkey!)

Well, that's my story for now. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you never get a hairball! Purrs and Paws, Groucho

Thanks for reading my story!


Come back and see me again real soon!