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doogan and gum


Hi! My name is Bumble.  Mommy adopted me from PetsMart right after Doogan passed away.  Mommy was just so sad, that she needed me to help cheer her up.  She was looking at an older rescue kittie named Taz, but when she came to PetsMart, Taz was already in a good foster home.  I was with my littermates but Mommy picked me because I was the most rambunctious!  I also had this little white spot under my chin.  Mommy says it is a white spot just like Doogs used to have!
Anyway, Mommy brought me home and Daddy said "I wan't nothing to do with that!".  Well, I went to work and two hours later, Daddy was playing with me.  Now I have him wrapped around my paw!  Ha!  
Well, getting back to my story... Mommy no sooner brought me home when I started racing and tearing all around.  I really wanted to bite these things called "electric cords".  I do not understand why Mommy kept saying "no, no, no".  So... Mommy was afraid to leave me alone.  She put me back in the cat carrier and guess what?  We went back to PetsMart.  Well, when we walked in, the manager there was a bit concerned.  Mommy told her not to worry, that she was not returning me... just shopping.  Mommy bought me a big "kitty play pen" where I sleep at night.  Mommy says this will keep me safe and out of trouble!  Geesh, that's no fun!
Well, I didn't have a name yet so Mommy and Daddy looked at a big book of names.  Nothing seemed to fit.  Then, I raced up onto the top of the cat pole.  This was just like what Doogs used to do.  I then sorta flopped off.  Daddy then decided that "Bumble" would be a good name for me.  It was one of Doog's nick names, but NOW it is all mine!

This is the Life!

Here I am relaxing (having stolen the doggie's bed, of course)!  What a wonderful basket it is, too.  Way too good for the doggie!  Think I will stretch out and get some zzzzzzzzzzzz's.


I like to snack Gabriel just like my brother Doogan did.  I really like to wait till Gabe comes in from his walkie outside, then pounce on him.  Here is a photo of Gabriel and me.  Gabriel is making that funny beagle "Arrroooooooo" right after I bopped him one on the nose!  Funny beagle!

Friends Again

Of course, Gabe and I are really good friends.  Here we have "made up" after the smack on the nose.  My older kitty brothers and sisters just sorta gave me the cold shoulder.  They walked away when I wanted to cuddle.  So, here I cuddled up with the doggie for a winters nap!  Gabe doesn't mind a good kitty cuddle!

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Kitten Bumble
September, 2002

My name is Bumble! I was adopted in September, 2002 from the Rainbow Rescue.  Mommy found me in an adoption center at PetsMart.  Read my story and visit my brother's and sister's pages, too!


I have lots of nick names. Mommy and Daddy also call me "Bumble Bee",  "Bumbler",  or "Bezel".  Here I am playing with my feather.  I love to run and jump and play with the feather!  I also love to chase after by older brothers and sisters!

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In September, 2000 Doogan  was diagnosed with feline kidney failure, or chronic renal failure (CRF).  Doogs was diagnosed just a couple of weeks after we lost his brother, Gumby, to kidney failure.  Doogan did  really well for two years.  He took cipro to keep his appetite going and had regular fluid treatments to keep feeling fit.  He had never been a picky eater, but the weak kidneys sometimes made him not very hungry. Mommy and Daddy opened all kinds of cans of cat food to find just what Doogs felt  like eating.   Sadly, Doogs lost his battle with kidney failure in August, 2002 and passed away in Mom's arms.

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