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An Angel in Animal Form
Rainbow Bridge Tribute

Rainbow Bridge


An Angel in Animal Form


People say "It's just an animal,
So how can you feel so bad?"
But that animal was a much-loved one,
And you've every right to be sad.


That animal was your companion,
Beside you night and day;
Giving friendship, love and devotion,
Every step of the way.


And when it's time to say goodbye,
It's so very hard to do,
As no one really understands
Just what you're going through.


They say: "So why have a pet then,
If you make such a fuss at the end?"
But how do they reckon they'd feel,
If they lost their very best friend?


They don't realize the pet's value, 
Though it had but a very short life,
But the rewards you gained from caring
Are well worth the grief and the strife.


So don't be too hard on them
If they don't understand why you mourn,
They've never known the love you've had.

© Carol & Samantha Pool 6-9-98



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