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Appraisal Information

We are often asked for appraisals of individual's antiques and collectibles. The Antique and Collectible market is so vast and ever changing, that determining the value of a piece is difficult at best. Here is some information we put together to help you appraise your treasures. Hope this is helpful:

A great research tool is to search current and completed auctions at eBay:

You do not need to register or bid to search auctions for informational purposes. By doing a search of completed auctions, you get a good feel for what items are going for. Just be sure that you are not misled by a high opening asking price since sometimes there were no bids on a completed auction item Also, check to be sure that the
"reserve was met" if it was a reserve auction. In other words, check that the price realized reflects a real sale.

Other options to research items and values are as follows:

Auction Watch has an online appraisal service (fee based) as well as a free data base of prices you can scan:

The Kovel's site offers a free search of their online price guide and price quote service. Membership is free and so is the service:

The Maloney's site also offers a free search of their online price guide data base:

Another fine online price guide is the Harry Rinker site:

AntiqueCast offers auction image hosting (fee based) but there is a free price guide search box and a free multi-online auction search box at the site:

Note on determining value:

When determining value for any piece, please keep in mind the item's condition. Condition of an antique is all impotant when considering value. Items that are very worn, chipped, cracked, are often worth just a fraction of the "book value". Small damage is often overlooked in pieces that are extremely rare, but damage makes more common items very difficult to sell. Of course, don't overlook the sentimental value of pieces. Heirlooms and family memmemtos are around to be treasured and cherished!

Hope this information helps! We have found these sites to ve very useful and are happy to share these links with you!

Thanks for visiting Vintage Choice