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Vintage Choice Antiques
About Us

Many people like to know a little about the people behind the items they buy. This page is intended to provide more information about our business philosophy and history.

I have enjoyed antique collecting since I was a very small child, and I won't tell you how long that has been! As most collectors know, you reach a time when you have to start selling or stop collecting! Well, since about 1990, my Mother and I have sold antiques at Antiquer's Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since 1998, I have also sold antiques at Leonard's Antiques and Uniques in Chippewa, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) and at Riverfront Antique Mall in New Philadelphia, Ohio. I recently opened some cases at both Leonard's and Riverfront devoted exclusively to fine vintage, estate and pawn jewelry.

My mother and I also sell antiques and collectibles online at eBay. Please be sure to visit us at eBay.

As much as I love antiques, I can't quit my "day job". By day, I am a computer Senopr Systems Analyst and work for South Hills Health System supporting Hospital Information systems. When I can find time on the weekends, I work on my antique business. When not on the internet, I can be found getting inventory ready to go to one of the three locations. My personal collecting interests are varied and include: opals and gems, vintage fine jewelry, antique photographica (tin types, stereo views), holiday collectibles, and Staffordshire fairing boxes and dogs.

Visit my new personal web site dedicated to pet stories, great links and family interests. For more about me and my family, click on this link: Pets-N-Places.

For more information, or if you have suggestions or problems with this site, please do not hesitate to email me.

Email Webmaster@Vintage-Choice.com

My Business Philosophy

I do everything in my power to be fair and honest to all folks that I deal with. I enjoy both buying and selling through eBay and other sites on the internet. I make every effort to reply to emails promptly and to send payment or packages out promptly. I always keep my buyers and sellers informed as to the status of the transaction, before and after a sale. I also post feedback, if appropriate.

As a seller, I try to get the best, most accurate photos possible. I describe items to the best of my ability, including the flaws. I am not perfect, but I do my best.

Sales Policies

I charge acutal shipping costs. There are never extra "handling" charges applied. I estimate postal costs based on past experience. This is not an exact science but my goal is to come as close as I can to the actual shipping costs. After an auction ends or after a web site order, I contact the buyer promptly via email.

I wrap items very well and use extra packing materials. I usually ship via USPS priority mail, but use my best judgement when I get to the Post Office. Since I work full time, my shipping days are limited to Saturday and Sunday.

I accept personal check, cashier check, or money order. I also accept VISA or Master Card via PayPal. I officially allow 10 days for check clearing for new customers (but often "waive" the wait).

My goal is customer satisfaction. I will accept retruns for any reason provided that I am notified within 3 days of receipt and provided the item is returned within 10 days in identical condition as it was to begin with. In this situation, I refund 100% purchase price. I do not refund shipping costs unless the reason for the return is a mistake I made.

My Objective

My main objective in selling antiques and collectibles is to provide a variety of interesting items in all price ranges. I believe in the old saying "something for everyone". I try to provide all kinds of goodies from rare and expensive antiques, to unusual collectibles, and even some just plain "junk". You would be surprized! I have learned that
everyone has such different instrests that there is no such thing as "junk".

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