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How You Can Help


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United Way
September 11th Fund

Phone: 212.251.4035

American Red Cross
Disaster Relief Fund

Phone: 1.800.HELP.NOW

Salvation Army
Disaster Relief Effort

Phone: 1.800.SAL.ARMY

Feed The Children
Phone: 1.800.525.7575

Federal Employees
Education & Assistance Fund -
Word Trade Center/Pentagon Fund

Phone: 1.303.933.7580

New York Firefighter’s
Memorial Fund

Phone: 1.877.863.4783

New York Times
9/11 Neediest Fund

Phone: 1.800.486.HELP

They have links to all major charities
plus the following smaller ones:
International Association of Firefighters
New York Fraternal Order of Police WTC Fund
National Organization for Victim Assistance
Catholic Charities USA

This site lists dog-related news articles from around the country. Not
surprisingly, most of the current stories are about either the search
dogs or the effort to rescue stranded pets.

This site has a lot of disaster relief info, including listings of pets
that are homeless as a result of the tragedy.

If you want to donate something, it is probably easiest to just send
money. You can donate online at the ASPCA site:

The Angel Project is a nation-wide crusade, spearheaded by Clapper
Publishing, asking Americans to hand-make an angel in memory of the
victims of the recent tragedy. During Christmas week, some wonderful
volunteers from Clapper will hand-deliver the angels to New York City
for a special The Angel Project memorial service.

By making an angel you can pay tribute to those who have died, and by
doing so, perhaps help yourself heal as well. This is a wonderful way
for individuals, community groups, children, and churches at all skill
levels to contribute with their own hands. You can learn more about
The Angel Project, and get some great angel ideas, patterns, and free
instructions by going to http://www.theangelproject.com/

Please mail completed angels to The Angel Project, c/o Clapper
Publishing, 2400 Devon, Suite 375, Des Plaines, IL 60018-4618. Feel
free to sign your angel if you wish. For further information, email
theangelproject@clapper.com or contact Heather Fox at 847-635-5800
ext. 272.

Small though this initiative may be, perhaps the collection of good
deeds will make a difference.

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Please send "Paper" cards and letters of support and encouragement to the Firemen, Policemen, Search and Rescue Dog Teams, Port Authority, Fire/Police/Emergency Dispatchers, Hospitals, Local Unions, Schools, Medical Examiners, etc at the WTC in New York. This website lists the addresses of the fire departments and police departments and many other organizations, schools, agencies, etc. in NYC so that we can send "REAL PAPER" cards and letters to the workers there to give them encouragement and show our support. Please check it out and send as many cards as you can.

Check out the eBay "Auction for America" site to make cash donatins or to buy or sell at benefit auctions:

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