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God Bless America
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"The Day the Sky Fell" begins with an introductory poem and moves on to a well-designed presentation of photos. Keep clicking until you see the collage on the last page:

The Day the Sky Fell


How to Display Old Glory

Here are some related news story links:

Pet Rescues

Faithful Dog Leads Blind Man

Servus the Dog

Send a remembrance email postcard:

Remembrance E-Cards

This is an excellent site with information on disaster planning for your pets:

Helping Animals

Here are some more tribute sites for you to visit:

America Mourns

World Mourns

Policeman's Prayer

Fireman's Prayer

Pride of America

Adopt a Platoon

Light a Candle For Peace

America Under Attack

Tree of Life

Spread Good

Here are links to additional "God Bless America" tribute sites:

God Bless America I

God Bless America II

Here are sites with information on America's most wanted criminal:

America's Most Wanted

Daily Probe FBI Suspects (Humorous)

Americen Flag

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