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August, 2003
Gabe's Place

Here is what I have been up to this month:

Thursday, August 14

Well, Mommy and Daddy tole me I really done it this time.  Mom said I
got into a heap o'trouble!  Big time trouble!!  Seems it all started
Thursday when Daddy was outside working in the yard and Mommy was late
coming home from work.  She said somethin about grocery shopping or some
silly excuse.
I don't know when the urge hit, but it did and big time!  I decided to
climb up on that big ole kitchen counter and get me some bonies.  Now,
ya see, on this here counter is a big ole jar of my night time
goin-to-bed treats.  There is also a tin of training treats.  The tin
even has my photo on it... so I know they are MINE!  Now, since they are
mine, what is the biggie mind you?
Well, trouble started when I couldn't reach the bonies... so I knocked
over a pile of other stuff including a dumb ole coffee pot.  Guess there
was a bunch of stuff all over the floor.  I really didn't notice cuz I
was too busy tryin to get MY bonies.
Finally I knocked the jar to the floor, cracked off parts of the plastic
lid, but the lid just would not budge.  Big time bummer.  So then I
knocked over MY tin of training treats.  Oh yeah, while I was doin that,
my harness got caught on the kitchwen drawer handle and the drawer
pulled all the way out before I finally slipped out of my harness.  So,
what is the big deal if Mommy came home with the groceries and saw my
harness hanging loose from an open drawer and everything all over the
floor?  I don't see a problem, do you?
Well, it gets worse since once I had the tim, I had to really bite on it
to get it open.  While I was workin on the tin, I sliced open the pad of
my paw... ouch!!!  Guess I kinda bled all over the floor.  Worst part
was the tin was empty!  All that and I was skunked!  Nuttin in the tin
and a jar that just would'na open.  Bummer!!
Well, about the time Mommy got home she called Daddy,  She said somethin
like "you better come see this for yourself".  That was BEFORE they saw
all the blood spots!  Dad found that and Mommy called the V-E-T.  Lucky
me... vet tole mommy and daddy what to go so I did not have to go into
the vet office!
Well now I have a bandage on my paw.  Daddy tied a shoelace around my
other paw so I am "balanced", whatever that means??  Feels kinda odd.
Good think is that Mommy and Daddy are giving me Dingo Bones so I don't
chew the bandage off.  Guess that part was worth it huh?  At least I'm
gettin the Dingo Bones!
Still, don't understand what all the fuss is about or why Mom says I am
"Bad Boy Belly".   Hoomins!!!