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December, 2003
Gabe's Place

Well, Mommy says I am "Bad Boy Belly" lately!  Well, I have not been really, really bad.... but I have gotten into a bit of mischief these days.  Here is what I have done in the past few months:
Loaf of Bread - I knocked down a whole, new loaf from the kitchen counter.  I gobbled up all but a few slices, leaving the plastic bad in shreds, of course!    Mommy threw the slices out for the birds.  The next day, when Mommy was not looking, I squeezed my nose thru the fence posts and grabbed the last few slices off from the top of the bushes. Not bad, huh?  Pretty smart!
Mommy's cookbook - I destroyed Mommy's cookbook from bookcase in the cellar when I was alone there.  Seems a kitty dropped some cat chow nearby so I had to pull the book apart looking for the chows!!  But, of course!  Why not?
Cat Food - This is a good one!!  A great success story!!!  I got down a 10lb brand new bag of cat food on top of Hoagie's cage.  Silly Mommy and Daddy thought it was high up 'nough.  Guess I showed 'em.  I ate  bout a quarter of the bag.  Then Daddy put the remaining food in butter tubs inside Hoagie's cage.  (We don't need the cage now that Hoags is at the Rainbow Bridge... so Daddy puts stuff inside).  Go Figure!  Grandma wanted to know why I stole cat food instead of dog food.  The answer is simple:  because I could!
Boxes - Well I was hoping there would be something good to eat, but after tearing up a bunch of boxes, all I found was cardboard and more cardboard boxes.  Guess you can say it tasted like cardboard!  Yuck! Cat Food Again - Yup, you guessed it!!!  Daddy did not fake me out by putting that cat food in the butter tubs inside the closed cage.  I dragged the cage out away from the wall, opened the latch and stole a butter tub filled with the cat food.  I made the mistake of taking the tub up to the kitchen where I pushed it around the floor trying to open it.  Drats!!  Mommy caught me and took the tub away!
Dog Biscuits - I grabbed a cardboard tub of biscuits from the kitchen table when no one was looking and ate over half.  Mommy says they were 'supposed to be Christmas presents!!  Ha!!!  Guess I got 'em early!
Bathroom - Well now I have Mommy and Daddy guessing.  One day while they were at work, I locked myself into the kitty's bathroom in the cellar.  Had a pretty good time with the litter boxes.  Actually I had a darn good time!!  Only trouble was that when I wanted to get out I couldn't.  I scraped my nose trying to get out.  Had to wait till Daddy got home from work.  The best part is that Mommy and Daddy cannot figure out how I got in.  There is only a little mouse hole cut in the door for the kittied.  And I'm not tellin 'em!
Christmas Stockings - You guessed it again!!!  Daddy was downstairs for a bit and when he wasn't looking, I pulled down the pole with all the Christmas Stockings.  Kitty Bumble Bee put me up to it!  Drats, Daddy heard the fireplace andirons crash so he came up and got the stockings before I could eat all the goodies!
Kitchen Table - Daddy caught me up on kitchen table trying to break into a tin of fancy mixed nuts.  Better luck next time!

Thought I would share some of my escapades!!  I sure have had fun!!! Arrrroooooooo's to ya!!!  Gabriel