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I have been a Flint River Ranch Distributor since August, 2001. My reason for becomming a distributor is simple. I am convinced that it is the best pet food available today. My goal for this website is to help share this wonderful product and the benefits of a holistic, super premium pet food with others.

I have had a dog almost all my life (well, since I was five years old). My experience with cats started when I got married 25 years ago. My husband was a cat person, so we started married life with a puppy and a kitten. We have had dogs and cats ever since! They are a major part of our lives, and definitely well loved members of our family!

Professionally, I an a computer systems analyst working for a local Pittsburgh area hospital. I am married, with two grown children. We currently have a dog (Beagle, Gabe) and three cats (Doogan, Hoagie, and Groucho). You can visit with Gabe, Doogan, Hoagie, and Groucho and read their stories at my Pets-N-Places site. Just click on the link to the upper right!

Besides my love for my pets, my interests include antiques and collecting, recipes, photography, and web design.

Please visit my other web sites listed to the right! I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!









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