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Application Services are provided by a group that is dedicated to Managed Services customers but not tied to any one customer in particular.  This group is known as the Application Service Center (ASC).  They work remote to the customer and not expected to be at the customer site on a periodic basis. 
The ASC at the direction of the on-site ASC liaison will manage the documentation, prioritization, escalation, and final disposition of end-user IT requests categorized as problem or request for service.  A Help Desk Event is a request into the IT organization which requires a component of the IT organization to perform a level of action to complete, resolve, and/or advance the final disposition of the request.   The Application Services practice utilizes the proprietary Siemens Managed Services Event Management Methodology as the premise for processing all application-related events.  The Event Management Methodology is based upon standard industry and Siemens Outsourcing Services Best Practices.
The ASC will have a distinct and evolving application portfolio based on site needs.  A need for multiple employees within one application area may be needed to fulfill the potential breadth and depth in the following areas: knowledge of application capabilities, application use, integration with other healthcare departments, implementation procedures, development procedures, and technical skills such as user interface build, programming, interfaces, etc.